Leadership Meeting 5/21/2017
  1. Eat together
  2. Affirmation (think about what you will share)
  3. Praise reports from last semester and/or last academic year.
  4. Summer plans: choose between three books to discuss.
  5. Strengths and challenges
  6. Summer Chi Alpha/prayer meeting
  7. Pray for All Nations Conference


At SIUE the Men's and Women's Connect Groups are doing a study of the life of David.  UMSL Connect Groups are welcome to use them too!  See files below:

Connect-Group-Weekly.xlsx Connect-Group-Weekly.xlsx
Size : 10.695 Kb
Type : xlsx
Week-1-Life-of-David-Overview.docx Week-1-Life-of-David-Overview.docx
Size : 14.192 Kb
Type : docx

Copy of van request:

van_request_international_grocery_spr15.pdf van_request_international_grocery_spr15.pdf
Size : 193.684 Kb
Type : pdf

Below is a map for the Fall Foliage Hiking Tomorrow.  Scroll down to see directions to parking from UMSL.

Directions from UMSL Univ Meadows to Trail Parking.  Can't display the map below?  Click here

Overhead View of the Parking Lot at beginning of trail

Hiking Trail Parking Lot Entrance

Horse back riding/outlet mall information:
horse_back_riding_trip.docx horse_back_riding_trip.docx
Size : 12.779 Kb
Type : docx
horse_back_riding_trip.pdf horse_back_riding_trip.pdf
Size : 260.472 Kb
Type : pdf
Summer calendar:
summer_2014.pdf summer_2014.pdf
Size : 185.843 Kb
Type : pdf
Below are ideas for signs
over_flow_spr14_different_background_color.pdf over_flow_spr14_different_background_color.pdf
Size : 390.086 Kb
Type : pdf
sports_fusion.pdf sports_fusion.pdf
Size : 132.002 Kb
Type : pdf
Leadership meeting agenda for 3/14/14:
(Click on link below to download/display.)
leadership_meeting_20140314.pdf leadership_meeting_20140314.pdf
Size : 139.234 Kb
Type : pdf

This area of UMSLXA.com has links to articles/info about Chi Alpha's vision and leadership.