Praise and Worship Night
Thursday, Oct 23, 7:30 pm
UMSL South Campus
Marillac Hall Auditorium
Join us for a night of singing, praise and worship!
See map below
(Note: Overflow will meet at praise and worship night instead of Bellerive Hall)
Download driving directions here:
directions_to_marillac_hall_parking_lot.pdf directions_to_marillac_hall_parking_lot.pdf
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Below are directions to the TLC (which is close to Marillac Auditorium).
Instead of turning right into the TLC,
continue straight down the hall way to Marillac Auditorium
(Scroll down to "Directions thru Marillac to the TLC")

Can't access directions below?  Click here 

Scroll down to find directions within Marillac Hall