Why do we need partners?  We are not paid by a church, Chi Alpha, or the university.  Upon starting this adventure of full-time missions with Chi Alpha, our first assignment was to recruit people who will partner with us financially and prayerfully. 

The university is in great need of hearing the truth of the gospel.  It is a wonderful thing to know God is working through His people in helping us reach this pivotal mission field.

To Become a Partner:

1. Decide the amount you want to give monthly ($50, $100, or $200 per month is typical).

2. Print and fill out the Faith Promise Form

4. If using a check make payable to:
    AG U.S. Missions 
     and write in memo: 
Acct: 2630457 Bryan Ames

5. Mail 2 items
    1. Faith Promise Form (and)
    2. Personal Check (instead of check, can fill out the Credit/Debit autopay portion of Faith Promise)

 To Become a Partner via the web:

Go to https://giving.ag.org/Help/Videos#

Click on "Guest User Guide"

How does God supply the needs of missionaries? Biblically, there can be only one answer to this question. As Paul says, the Lord has commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel (1 Cor 9.14). The teaching is very explicit. There are many examples of this principle being practiced in the Scriptures. Here are just a few:

  • First and most significantly, Jesus’ ministry was funded by some of those who heard Him (Luke 8.1–3), and He taught the disciples to rely on others while ministering (Matthew 10.5–15).
  • Second, Paul requested that the Roman church financially support Phoebe, one of the ministers at Cenchrae. (Romans 16.1–2)
  • Third, Paul himself received support and was grateful for the support he received: Philippians 4.10–20 (people frequently assume that Paul always supported himself by making tents. Actually, that was the second-best option for him. See Acts 18.1–5, where Paul began by making tents and quit as soon as it was financially feasible to do so. See 1 Corinthians 9.1–18, where Paul’s whole point is that the Corinthians owed him support: he concludes the letter by telling them that he hopes to stop by and that he hopes they will provide for him to finish his journey in 1 Cor 16.5–6. Also see Romans 15.20–24, where Paul asks a church he has never visited before to fund him on his journey to Spain.) In addition, Paul explicitly teaches in Galatians 6.6 that Christians are obligated to provide for the needs of ministers.
  • Fourth, the apostle John encouraged his friend to support a band of missionaries in 3 John 5–8.
  • Fifth, the whole Levitical system in the Old Testament (the Levites were ministers) is predicated on the financial support of ministers by the rest of God’s people (Numbers 18.21–24 is a representative example). See Nehemiah 13.4–11 for how outraged Nehemiah was that the Levites had to go earn wages in another fashion.

In summary, there is an extremely strong Biblical case for missionaries raising financial support from the Body of Christ.

Which brings me to my point: we’re missionaries and we need your partnership! If you’d like to support our ministry financially, see above.

Incidentally, the word that we prefer to use when discussing financial supporters is partner. That word was chosen very carefully. If you’re curious, read about how missions is really a partnership

If you still have unanswered questions about supporting missionaries, you might be interested in our answers to common questions about supporting missionaries.