International Student Friendship Program

Did you know that 70% of international students return to their countries without ever visiting an American home?  We provide an opportunity to remedy this problem, UMSL Chi Alpha's International Student Friendship Program.  

We have "Discovery Meetings" where you can get more information.  Coming to this meeting does not mean you are committing to involvement.  It only means you are getting more information before getting involved.  Location and time: All meetings are in the Millennium Student Center Room 313. Click here for directions. The remaining meetings are August 20th and 21st at 12:00 pm noon in MSC Room 313.  You only need to attend one of these meetings.

This program does not involve you living with an American friend.  You meet with them only once per month to learn about each other's culture and develop friendship.

See brochure below.

More information about how we serve international students 

We realize that traveling to a completely different culture and listening to lectures in a 2nd language presents unique and sometimes overwhelming challenges.  We serve the international community by helping students have a positive experience in the USA.  We also provide an opportunity for everyone to learn more about Christianity, and we also respect everyone's right to choose their beliefs.

We are an integrated group of American and international students.  We have several nations represented in our group from year-to-year--including the USA.

The Bible says that many people from every tribe and nation will be in heaven.  We are blessed that Chi Alpha is a small reflection of that!