Date: Saturday Aug 31st 8:30 am  
Come join us to enjoy the outdoors and nature while we canoe down the Meramec River!

Cost: $25

We are going on a canoe trip on the Meramec River. 

Date: Saturday, Aug 26th

Time: 8:30 am at University Meadows (must be at Blue Springs Ranch by 10:30 am)

Cost for canoeing is $25 per person. 

This includes the canoe rental, bottled water, snacks, and a picnic lunch on the river. 

We will also need money for dinner on the way back.

(Please bring cash, all of the expenses are on Alan's credit card and he needs to pay it off! Thanks!) 

What to bring:

Bring a hat ( if you have one), 



and clothes you can swim in, like shorts and a t-shirt (no bathing suit needed)

Wear closed-toe shoes  (not sandals or flip-flops, they are easy to lose in the river)

towel to dry off after done canoeing

a extra change of clothes (to wear when we are done)

Bring money (or a credit or debit card) for supper

Other info

You can come even if you can't swim, we will all wear life jackets that will keep us afloat if we get in water over our heads!

We will stop and play in the water several times during the day!  (Thus the need for a change of clothes after canoeing.)

If you wear prescription glasses, we recommend that you not bring them with you canoeing.  If you absolutely have to wear prescription glasses, you will need something to keep them from falling in the water.  (Last year a student lost some very expensive glasses.) 

This is an all-day event, we will probably get back around 7:30 or 8. 

If you have a friend who wants to come that is great, please let us know. 

Please let us know if you will join us as soon as possible, we need to get the canoes reserved and get the transportation covered. E-mail us, or call/text 314-669-4090.

We hope you will join us! It will be a good time!


Looking forward to having a fun day canoeing with you!
We will send you more details on what to bring for the trip once you make your reservation!

We are picking up friends for FREE TRANSPORTATION on Saturday at:
UMSL: In front of U. Meadows clubhouse at 8:30 am
-Mansion Hills--call or text 314-669-4090 if you need a ride
See you soon!