People attending Chi Alpha Thanksgiving Dinner

14 coming from siue (2 drivers)

17 coming from umsl

7 volunteers

Name Status campus riding
Chrissie Watkins Going umsl ?
Han-En Hans Chen Going umsl ?
Tavish Misra Going driving
Mary Virtue Going umsl no ride friends with Lisa Xu
Aram Mikaelian Going siue ride 1
Chunhui Niu Going siue ride 2
Deniz Yazgan Going siue ride 3
Kam Yin Chan Going siue ride
Lisa Xu Going siue ride
Manru Chen Going siue ride
Rose Wang Going siue ride
Samuel Rayseldi Going siue ride
Sandy Cao Going siue ride
Xuan Zhu Going siue ride
??? Going siue ride
??? Going siue ride 12
Anita Hui-Hsiang Li Going umsl ride
Betsy Peng Going umsl ride
Hsiu-Kun Chen Going umsl ride
Jaewon Kim Going umsl ride
Jian Feng Going umsl ride
Jiayan Sun Going umsl ride
Josha Burns Going umsl ride
Minghan Sun Going umsl ride
Shanshan Guan Going umsl ride
Shi Va Going umsl ride
Tao Qin Going umsl ride
Tinghua Aria Wang Going umsl ride
UiYoung Han Going umsl ride
Victor John Going umsl ride
Xiaoqi Lin Going umsl ride
Xiayi Chen Going umsl ride
Yifei Li Going umsl ride
??? Going umsl ride 17
Adjoa Magdalene Going driving--siue
Kayla Faith Carlson Going driving--siue
Lorena Lozano Going Lindenwood
Michelle Mihsuan Hsieh Going umsl
Sarah Grant Going umsl
Alan Davison Going volunteer
Alphonse Edorh Going volunteer
Bruce Munholand Going volunteer
Daniel Prakash Ethakoti Going volunteer
Keri Ann Munholand Going volunteer
Lynn Drury McClurg Going volunteer
MaryBeth Thoms Going volunteer friend of UiYoung
Bryan Ames Going
Bryan Cecile Going
Cecile Dames Going
Abby Yunsiang Peng Invited
Adebanke Loveth Adebayo Invited
Afay Bari Invited
Agnes Hayibor Invited
Ai  Murakami Invited
Aixia Feng Invited
Alejandro Montenegro Ortiz Invited
Alex Gurdian Invited
Alex Legaria Invited
Amelia Wahjudi Invited
Andrea Hoppert Invited
Andy Parson Invited
Angel Suazo Invited
Antionette Sterlinga Invited
Anum Sarwar Invited
Britney Sartori Invited
Caleb Callahan Invited
Cassie Witt Invited
Chelsea Edghill Invited
CherylandTerry Matejka Invited
Claire Krienitz Invited
Coco Yang Invited
Damola Opejin Invited
Daum Son Invited
Debbie Pollien Invited
Deepti Kharpas Invited
Dongyu Ma Invited
Elisa Sterl Invited
Eric'el Johnson Invited
Erin Grant Invited
Freddy Mann Invited
Gloria Marras Pérez Invited
Hanh Nguyen Invited
Haolin Ma Invited
J Andrew Stafford Invited
Jason Noble Invited
Joe Zarro Invited
Joshua Ida Invited
Kaci Wang Invited
Katariina Peltomäki Invited
Kate Zhang Invited
Katerine Quiroga Torres Invited
Kohei Yasumura Invited
Krishna Akkaram Invited
Lee Zong Yang Invited
Lolade Must Invited
Luimil Negrón Invited
Lyn Chen Invited
Marcela Amaya Invited
Maria Mumbi Invited
Megan Smith Invited
Mili Mena Invited
Nao  Kawatei Invited
Nathan Boyer Invited
Onina Ranaivoarisoa Invited
Patricia Todd Invited
Rachel Katherine Palmer Invited
Robert MacPartland Invited
Roman Lozynskyj Invited
Ruth Hamlin Rouse Invited
Ryo Hamada Invited
Ryu Sindberg Invited
Saki Ssmaeili Invited
Sanna Salomaa Invited
Serena Azul Herman Invited
Shahram Moradi Invited
Sravan Kumar Invited
Starr Stoyanoff Invited
Stephen Zemanek Invited
Sthefany Chávez Invited
Susan Lee Invited
Trang Thu Do Invited
Walter Carcamo Invited
Yabe Saori Invited
Yeohee Choi Invited
Ying Ding Invited
??? Invited
?? Invited
??? Invited
Oluwaseun Ogunniyi Maybe siue
Ben Reger Maybe
Cassandra Bain Maybe
Kokkinis Angelos Maybe
Magdalena Sustere Maybe
Maria Alzori Maybe
Maria Daniela Castillo Maybe
Rio Febrian Maybe
Siavash Zamiran Maybe
Weijia Chen Maybe
Wen Liang Maybe