All Nations Conference Info
Contact Info
Campus Pastors -

Bryan Ames:         314-599-1653
Cecile Ames:         314-599-6643

Staff -
Sarah Komarabathuni:     520-519-9103

Drivers -

Car #1 - Ames        (Departing after 1:30pm)    
Bryan Ames        314-599-1653
Cecile Ames        314-599-6643
Jeremy, Abigail, Jonathan

Car #2 - Komarabathuni  (Departing after 1:30pm)
Rakesh Komarabathuni    618-218-7348
Sarah Komarabathuni    520-519-9103
Wallace Chipidza    520-444-1092
Sravan Kumar        314-616-9972

Car #3 - Misra        (Departing after 1:30pm)
Tavish Misra        618-719-7187
Connie Leung        314-724-6288
Eunji Seong        N/A
Wenjie Wu        573-825-8270
Yixiang Gao        573-825-1296

Car #4 - Parson     (Departing after 5:00pm)
Andy Parson:         314-269-7581
Daniel Ethakoti        210-284-3228
Michelle Gleich        618-978-1351
List of things to bring:

bathing suit (hotel has a pool, available during free time)
deodorant (please!) ☺
spending money
sweater/sweatshirt (air conditioning might make it cold)

Hotel will have bedding, shampoo, soap, towels

Here are a few more details:

1.) We will be meeting at the University Meadows (if you are an UMSL student) at 1:30 pm tomorrow. (Pick up Mizzou folks at 3:30 pm or 4pm.)

2.) Please bring a form of payment (check or cash) to cover any additional cost that you have for your conference registration.  (Conference will not have the ability to process debit or credit card transactions.)


your driver will collect this and it will be used to cover your gas and food.

This price covers: gas, Friday: dinner, Saturday - Monday: breakfast, and Saturday - Sunday: dinner.  All other meals we will have in Rakesh and Sarah's room.

The conference will cover your lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Also, please bring additional funding if you would like to stay and explore Kansas City on Monday.

Conference Schedule

Friday, May 23

1:30 pm meet and depart from Univ Meadows UMSL

3:30 or 4:00 pm Tavish pick up Wenjie and Yixiang from Columbia

6 or 6:30 pm arrive at conference

4-7pm Registration
6-8pm Connection Booths (place to meet people from your region of the world)
8pm Service “Kingdom Identity”
10pm After Hours “All Nations Cup”

Saturday, May 24

8:15 am Breakfast in Rakesh and Sarah's room

9am Service “You’re a part of something big…”
10am Small Groups
10:30am Worshops
12pm Lunch (provided by conference)
1:30pm Workshops
3pm Free Time
6pm Dinner
7pm Service
10pm After Hours “All Nations Got Talent”

Sunday, May 25

8:15am Breakfast

9am Prayer for Nations
10am Small Groups
10:30am Worshops
12pm Lunch
1:30pm Workshops
3pm Free Time
6pm Dinner
7pm Celebration Service

Monday, May 26 (Memorial Day)

Morning Departures
Optional Excursion (arrangements are up to each campus including housing for an additional night stay)

Destination Address:
2345 McGee St Kansas City, MO
(Sheraton Crown Center, Kansas City)

Traveling Info
We are on a tight schedule.
If you need to stop to use the rest room, please right after you use the facilities, go back to your vehicle.

You may be in the gas station and see other people buying food or looking around and think you can wait until they are done before you go back to the car.  Guess what, they are doing the same thing (waiting for you), and no one ends up leaving!  (In an infinite loop.)
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